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Building block toys purchase considerations

June 24, 2022

How to disinfect building blocks toys

1, to educate the baby to keep clean during the process of playing toys, such as not holding dirty toys, do not put the toys in a dirty place.


2. For those toys that are not playing for a while, Mom and Dad will put it in the box or put it in the cabinet.


3. The most important thing is to clean, disinfect and expose the toys regularly. Toys that your baby often plays are usually cleaned once every two weeks. The washed toys should be soaked in disinfectant for 10 minutes. Disinfectant water can be formulated as follows: salt and water are mixed in a ratio of 1:8. After disinfection, the toy should be exposed to the sun, so that many bacteria can be killed to ensure the cleanliness of the toy.


How to disinfect building blocks toys

Building block toys purchase considerations

1, security


Give the baby's toy the safety factor first, and consider it from the material, design, and workmanship.


2, the purchase channel


It is generally necessary to purchase regular branded goods through formal channels to avoid buying unusually low-priced goods.


3. Production qualification


Check the manufacturer's trademark, brand and qualification to see if it meets the relevant national regulations.


4, baby age needs


Also consider the age and developmental stages of your baby when shopping.


Building block toys purchase considerations

Building blocks

1, first to give the baby a correct demonstration: take 2 to 4 blocks, let him imitate the ride. In the process of taking the show, each piece adds praise to him, and inspires the baby to fall in love with building blocks.


2, first use the big building blocks to the bottom, and then use smaller building blocks, or magnetic building blocks to ensure that he is easy to succeed. In this way, the baby experiences happiness in his success, and good emotional stimulation promotes his development towards higher curiosity and meets his need for success.


3, if the baby is not interested, you can take 2-3 blocks first, only let him take the last piece, if necessary, let the baby hand to let him take it, immediately after the match, praise him, and let him push down as an encouragement.


4, you can also teach him first, then change to a language guide, and finally propose the task: "take a high building."


5. After learning to build 3 to 4 blocks, it is necessary to consolidate the results in a timely manner. It is very important to maintain interest, and good interest can be cultivated correctly. Be sure to change the way the baby is willing to continue playing.

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