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What should I consider when choosing a toy for my baby?

June 24, 2022

A few days ago, the baby was full of three months, thinking about buying a gift for the baby, so I went to the pregnant baby shop for a long time and found that there are few toys suitable for three months baby, and finally bought under the recommendation of the owner. I took a few ducks that were squeaking and took them home, so I can play with my baby when I take a shower.


In fact, choosing the right toy for the baby not only helps the baby's physical and mental development, but also inspires and enriches the baby's intelligence, improves the flexibility of the movement, and chooses toys for the baby.


In addition to stimulating the baby's intellectual development, the toy can also serve as his playmate, giving him comfort at the right time, so it is important to prepare suitable toys for the baby.


1. Each baby's development speed is different, and the interest is different. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the toy, or the baby's development status, mental age and interest, supplemented by the mental development focus of each month.


2. Do not repeat the purchase of toys of the same type and function.


3. A toy that emits sound. It is best to choose a plush doll that can regulate the volume, and choose a short-haired type.


4. The shape of the toy should be mainly arc, avoiding sharp corners


0~1 year old baby will be interested in toys


1-2 months: At this time, the baby will stare at the colorful objects and start to distinguish the sound. You can hang the bell, the hanging electric music bell, etc. on the wall of the high or low suitable wall or small bed. Best moveable


3~4 months: The baby can change the lying position and turn over, and has the ability to distinguish the surrounding things. It will mainly operate the buttons, knobs and push and pull the toys with the sound and the tapping toys.


5~6 months: should match the characteristics of muscle movement, you can choose animal toys with tangible tumbler, puppet or soft plastic


6~7 months: button-type toy phone, set cup (play water) are more suitable


7~8 months: ferrule toys, shape blocks


9~10 months: Toys can choose large colored balls, use rolling to consolidate baby's crawling training, Lego toys, picture books, balls


11~12 months: choose lively and vivid figures album or animal painting and transportation album


Toys will grow up with the baby, leaving good memories for the baby's childhood. At the same time, the toy is also the carrier of bacteria. If Baomu does not pay attention to the cleaning of the toys, they will become the culprit causing the baby to be sick, then how should the baby's toys be? Clean it


Hand wash


Inject clean water into a clean baby bath or family bathtub, put plastic and rubber toys, use a clean brush to pick up the baby's special bottle cleaning solution, then rinse the plastic toy with water, then wipe the toy with a towel. Put it in a ventilated place to make it dry


2. Scrub


Electric toys cannot be washed, only scrubbing. First remove the battery of the electronic toy, in order to avoid water damage into the electronic components, you can use sterile gauze to draw 75% medical alcohol to wipe the surface of the toy.


Iron toys are also suitable for scrubbing: you can find a small square towel, take soapy water, scrub the toy, then rinse it with water, then wipe off the water with a clean towel and let it dry in the sun.



How to scrub wooden toys: scrub with 3% solution of Su or 5% bleach solution, then rinse with water, dry or dry



3. Machine wash


Washed plush toys: You can put them directly into the washing machine, add some washing liquids for infants and young children, and have better antibacterial and anti-mite functions. Rinse, dry and hang in a sunny and airy place


Washing and unloading plush toys: first remove the filler and then tape the parts that are afraid of wear and wear, and clean and dry the toy outer skin according to the above cleaning method.

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